TrafficBug® – The Commuter's Companion℠

Mygistics' free application, is a rich internet application (RIA) that acts as a personal logistics portal giving users a complete picture of current and future traffic while providing powerful, simple-to-use, travel management tools. Optimize your travel to save the most fuel, minimize your emissions or maximize your travel efficiency—saving you time, money and frustration. TrafficBug delivers accurate travel times, not just meaningless green, red, and yellow highlights on a map.

TrafficBug provides you with personalized traveler information services including: accident and construction alerts, route advice with turn-by-turn directions and trip optimization based on current and expected traffic conditions. Plenty of GPS navigation solutions can get you where you need to go, TrafficBug is the only one that gets you there, when you need to be there—with TrafficBug, you may never be late again!

TrafficBug, your personal navigation assistant, stores your frequently used trips such as home-to-work or work-to-gym, etc. Mygistics' servers continually monitor these trips while keeping an eye on varying traffic conditions. Any changes in expected travel times will trigger an alert notifying you if you need to change your departure time or reroute if there is a faster, alternative route. You can save several different routes per trip between any two locations. Create locations from your Contacts, a typed address or from a pin dropped on a map. Distinctive names and icons for each location or trip making it easy to see current traffic conditions at a glance. Let TrafficBug know when you travel, and it is savvy enough to only alert you within that travel window eliminating unnecessary, bothersome alerts.

TrafficBug leverages the same world-class logistics tools and routing engine used by many Fortune 500 companies to manage their fleets. Now you can use the power of these same tools to manage your personal travel—saving you time, money and lessening your impact on the environment!

Many factors can affect the accuracy of traffic data. Try as we might, sometimes we know we'll just be plain wrong. We can assure you, however, that we at Mygistics are continually working to improve our traffic data and quality assurance. Our goal is to provide the largest and most accurate traffic dataset anywhere. We will soon be adding features to TrafficBug allowing you to help us improve the accuracy of our data models. This will ultimately improve the data we can provide to you and your fellow travelers.


What’s New in Version 1.1

  • - Performance improvements and bug fixes—the app is now much snappier!
  • - Updated user interface
  • - Added ability to quickly add a reverse trip
  • - Added a new 'Quick Trip' feature to easily create trips on the fly
  • - Improved the 'Go Now' feature and is now available from the Locations tab
  • - Added the ability to recalculate your route from the Map tab if you get off course


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For Commercial Users

Volume Sales

Mygistics offers multi-user discounts on traffic subscriptions. Give the gift of Trafficbug to your corporate staff as a way to reduce your impact on the environment. It’s also perfect for companies making local deliveries or for employees that frequently travel such as realtors. For group sales email,


TrafficBug® is licensed based on an Ad Revenue sharing model. This offers an attractive additional source of revenue for government agencies or metro news outlets. It also presents a highly targeted audience for your existing advertising clients.

Ad Rev Sharing

TrafficBug® can be licensed for co-branded distribution by individual Metro areas. This offers individual news outlets an exclusive way to provide the most detailed traffic alerts to their customers while building brand equity. The application interface, text/email alerts, and optionally voice alerts can all be co-branded.

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